Nokia and Yahoo Announce Partnership [We can make it if we try]


Nokia and Yahoo Announce Partnership [We can make it if we try]

Nokia and Yahoo announced a strategic partnership deal that will make Yahoo the default search and email provider on Nokia’s phones. And Nokia’s Ovi will power Yahoo’s mobile and desktop apps.

The deal is primarily aimed at targeting emerging markets where the next wave of Mobile Internet adoption is happening [1.4 Billion Asians Will Use Internet on Mobile by 2015).

As part of this partnership, Nokia and Yahoo plan to work on ID federation between their services, by making it easy for people to use their Ovi user IDs across select Yahoo! properties to easily access  the online content and services they need.

Nokia Yahoo CEO
Nokia to Yahoo - We can make it we try

Important to note that Yahoo uses Navteq data, so OVI maps integration doesn’t seem to be that big a challenge [Nokia acquired Navteq for $8Bn] and selected co-branded service offerings is expected to become available from the second half of 2010, with global availability expected in 2011.

Only time will tell how users will react to this deal. We sincerely hope that the two companies launch more meaningful experience than what they have individually (read: mediocre).

What’s your opinion? Does this deal makes Nokia phones more interesting? Or..<fill_in_the_blank>?

Who has more at stake? Nokia or Yahoo? Nokia leads the worldwide mobile sales number, but lags behind when it comes to Smartphones [Read: Worldwide Mobile Sales Data – Nokia and Symbian Rule].

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