New Poll – Is it ‘Cool’ to own a Nokia Phone these days? Answer by giving us a missed call

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Nokia introduced ‘mobile’ to a whole lot of us. Chances are that 3 out of 4 phones you owned were from Nokia.

But as a brand, Nokia has been losing mind share. User’s taste, aspirations have changed and the company has been trying to catch up with that.

New local players who understand the ‘ishtyle’ part of Indian users are rolling out cheaper phones which still offer the basic functionality, but actually look like a hep to show off (read: Nokia Market Share in India Falling).

And as far as smartphone market is concerned, the game is still ON and Nokia again is playing a catch up with Apple and others.

Beyond those numbers (of market share, sales) lies a much deeper connection (with consumers) and newer brands have shaken that up in a way.

So here is a poll for our early adopters/opinion maker audience

Is Nokia a ‘Cool’ Phone to Own?

Is it something that you aspire for?

– You can take the poll either way – on the web or over a missed call!

  • The poll is embedded in this article [and will be available on the right sidebar]
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  • You can give us a missed call and voice your answer.
    +91 40 44 55 69 25 – to say ‘YES’
    +91 40 44 55 69 26 – to say ‘NO’ [via our poll partner, zipdial]

No fanboyism/death threats please (yeah! a fanboy sent out a death threat after this post).