Nokia’s Digital Marketing Strategy in India – Flawed? Confused?


Nokia’s Digital Marketing Strategy in India – Flawed? Confused?

Nokia announced plans to promote N97 Mini (they have even slashed the price of N97 Mini) using digital promotions and plans not to spend a single money on traditional media (via).

Great news for all ye online marketers (and bad one for the traditional media which still doesn’t understand the new media). But, before we speculate on success/failure of Nokia’s strategy, brace yourself for a shock – Nokia plans to spend upto Rs. 7 crores for digital marketing – and all of that in just 4 months (ad networks – are you reading this?).

So far so good, but what about the long term strategy?

I gauge a traditional company’s digital strategy using one core parameter – Connectedness. And connectedness is not in the traditional meaning of the word, but how well connected are the teams in executing the digital media strategy.

For instance, in 2008 recap of ‘companies that impressed us’, we profiled for the simple reason that the whole strategy/execution was well conceived and executed. It’s not just the marketing team that was speaking (at the top of the voice), but even the engineering team was involved in the game (not anymore, though).

Orchestration across teams in a big organization is a big challenge. No matter how well defined one’s strategy is, knitting the team together decides your end result.

Coming back to Nokia, let me share couple of examples (of disconnectedness) :

Nokia has different sites for selling N97s

In order to sell N97Mini, they have created and for selling N97, they are promoting (which is Nokia’s lead management system).

Essentially, two different sites for different versions of the same product. Superb!

What if you go to you will see the section which is supposedly meant only for the agency employees (and Nokia priority dealers) that are part of the lead management system.

nokialms homepage

What digital strategy is that it cannot conceive different use cases of the marketing campaign? Why is it that users are navigated to different sites (which actually look like orphaned pages with no connection to the main site) and not stay at Nokia site to conduct transactions? What happens to these micro-sites 6 months down the line (when Nokia stops promoting them)?

Where is the unified Nokia experience? The connected experience of connected people?

This is how it all looks to the consumer

One company.

Multiple Products.

Multiple versions of the products.

Different sites to view details of the products (and versions).

And ofcourse, different sites to buy the product (or express interest, i.e. lead generation).

Nothing wrong with any of these – it’s just that this shows how disconnected the company is.

There are probably too many agencies handling too many things and I am sure that’s leading to pilferage (and cost), but then iPhone is still not going bigtime in India, so direct threat still is Samsung (whose web presence is equally phenomenal).

And that means an opportunity for mediocrity. An opportunity to keep hitting the escape button when it comes to making tough calls.

In the short run, Nokia may not feel the heat, but as we have seem from their financial statements and projections (read:Nokia’s Big Bets for 2010), the company needs to get it’s act together, because all these disconnectedness are a reflection to what’s going inside.

Nokia’s Digital Advertising Fail

What’s wrong with this picture?

nokia ovi store ad

Nokia promoted instead of! (via)

Can you beat this? Can you think of such stupid mistakes committed by a company that is now strategizing it’s way to combat the most difficult moment (or rather iMoment) in it’s history?

These are not happenstances, but there is probably something in (un)making.

Maybe, these mediocre approaches are harbinger to Nokia’s future?

What’s your take?

Note to Nokia – We love your products, but all of your talks of connecting people should first be implemented to connecting vendors and employees.


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