Nokia Extends DVLUP to India; To Reward Developers With Phones, Accessories, Promotional Opportunities


Nokia Extends DVLUP to India; To Reward Developers With Phones, Accessories, Promotional Opportunities

dvlupSeeking to get more developers to its platforms, Nokia has extended a program that rewards developers to 5 new countries, including India.

Nokia has announced in a blog post that it is extending its DVLUP developer rewards initiative. The other countries are Australia, Indonesia, Italy and Vietnam.

The program was started last November in a limited number of countries. The developers can earn and redeem points for rewards such as the latest Nokia devices, accessories, promotional opportunities for apps and more.

Realizing that developers are key to the success of the any mobile platform, Nokia came up with the program which has an element of gamification and also for a way for developers to meet others and maybe even get them collaborating on apps.

Nokia already offers a lot of resources online to help with Windows Phone development from a technical perspective.

As a player in DVLUP, developers can earn badges for accomplishments. When a developer engages with the site and completes challenges and develops app, they earn points. These points can then be used to redeem various things in the Rewards store.

All a developers needs to do is sign up with their Dev Center information and they can get started.

Nokia is seeking to gain more developers to Windows Phone and Asha platforms as Android and iOS now has the chunk of developer attention. It runs various programs throughout the year for developers.

Earlier this year, Nokia had launched a Premium developer program for Asha full touch developers.

A report also stated that Microsoft was paying developers $100,000 to develop Windows Phone 8 apps.

Nokia’s and Microsoft competitors also run similar programs for their platforms. These measures are good as they seek to build interest and rapport among the developer community.


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