Review of Nokia E72 – How we respond is who we are

If you are a Blackberry user, your secret desire would be to look cool and hep (atleast sometimes) and Nokia E72 does the fine act of keeping the focus on communication tools as well as a few cool features that makes E72 a good phone for business professionals.

First things first, E72 Specifications & Price

  • 2.36′ display
  • 250 MB free user disk space, 4 GB MicroSD memory card (with hot swap), support for up to 16 GB
  • Push Email Support (be it MS Exchange or Lotus Notes)
  • Integrated QWERTY keyboard, optical navi key and QVGA display
  • 5 MP camera
Nokia E72 Review
Nokia E72 Review

Priced at Rs. 23,000, E72 is positioned as an email & chat phone (communication/messaging) and is the result of a research conducted by Nokia (on people responsiveness towards email).

E72 Review

E72 is super lightweight phone (128g only) and if you were to ask me the USP of the device, it’s the QWERTY keyboard which makes the phone stand out.

Nokia E72 is mainly about messaging/communication and handles POP/IMAP as well as Lotus notes and Exchange accounts (though setting up google apps account is not handled well) and one can define corporate vs. personal email accounts (which can be set for different priorities and email alerts).

What takes the cake is E72’s battery life (ready my earlier review of N97 and the crib about battery life). Compared to N97, E72’s battery life stands at apart and the overall performance makes it a good bet to buy.

Navigation in E72 is a breeze (thanks to optical navi keys), though one needs to adjust themselves to the sensitivity of the trackpad (you can disable it, if you want).

E72 is packed with certain confusions/chaos as well – for instance,

  • Managing WiFi network is not handled in the most usable manner (too many places to set that up/keeps prompting)
  • Overall picture/camera feature doesn’t live upto Nokia’s promise and even the controls can easily freak out an amateur.
  • IM apps – hangs most of the times. Period.

When it comes to the buying decision, E72 will be compared with Blackberry and iPhone and our fear is that it might lose out on several factors.

If you are an E72 owner, do share your opinion.

[Disclosure: Review done using a demo handset provided by Nokia.]

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