Nokia goes Plazes

Your mobile is your social network and most probably, the hyper active one!

Social network + Location intelligence is a killer app and that’s where Nokia is headed.

Nokia has acquired Plazes, a German startup (still under closed beta) for an undisclosed amount.

The Plazes team takes pride in being one of the first services in the location-context arena. When we started in 2005 the potential of that space might have been obvious but it was an uphill battle nevertheless with so many concepts gone sour before.  We build the first service moonlighting. A year later we were honored to bring some of the smartest people on the web on board as our angel investors. A year later we got enough traction to bring more great investors on board. Now in 2008 we feel that it is time to take Plazes mainstream and really start making a difference for a larger group of users. [blog]

An interesting strategy of creating

something which biggies don’t have the time to, a strategy that creates an uncontested IP and then get acquired & oversee the product being used by millions of users!

Plazes is also integrated with Yahoo!’s location broadcasting service – FireEagle

Aside, Nokia OVI, which was supposed to be launched in India by Q1, 2008 is nowhere to be seen.

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