Nokia takes on iPhone with N96 launch


Nokia takes on iPhone with N96 launch


Nokia has launched it’s ‘iPhone killer‘ product, N96 few months before the expected date (as iPhone launch is on Aug 22).
N96, priced at Rs. 28K is optimized for web access/entertainment and offers 16GB of memory (expandable upto 24GB). N96 is also preloaded with Wave Secure, a S60 unique security application that allows consumers not just to track their handset in the event it is lost or stolen, but also create a backup for the phone data via the Internet.

Well, Nokia holds ~60% of market share in India and will have to brace itself to face the impact of iPhone launch – right from operators marketing the ‘toy’ to customers’ frenzy over the Apple product.
Much of Nokia’s distribution has been achieved thru’ partnerships with operators like Airtel and Reliance, and the same guys will now market iPhone.

Even though iPhone’s target market is very niche (esp. given the price point of Rs. 31K), it’s important to note that the iPhone users will consume more data and will be more profitable for operators (hence they have more incentives to  market iPhone than the Nokia phones, unless Nokia gives more incentives).

What’s your take on Nokia vs. iPhone battle? Will you wait for the dust (and price) to settle down and then decide which one to buy?

As far as I am concerned, my N72 is the last Nokia I am holding (atleast for the next few years) – I think Nokia has lost ‘that‘ thing (that = mix of simplicty, usage, style and of course, battery life!)

Watch this demo of N96:

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