Nokia launches Fusion Challenge – To get Bigger on Location Tagging

Nokia has launched Nseries Fusion challenge and is inviting shutter bugs to play the locational game.

Here is how it works:

  • You need to register your team names (one team to have 5 members including the team leader). After you have registered, location tag 10 pics in the shortest time.
  • Collect fans (i.e. popularize your team) – be it in Orkut, FaceBook, wherever..get max number of fans.
  • The real fusion challenge starts with 10 teams and the teams will be called at one central location. Fusion team will give them clues and the teams will have to cover 8 passions in 4 hours.
  • Winning team gets N78

Llast date for registration is July 27th.

nokai fusion - more geotagged locations!

If you are wondering the concept behind Nokia’s fusion challenge, it’s largely to increase the adoption of N78 and get geotagged locations (which helps Nokia in sprucing up it’s navigator service).

Nokia did something similar in California (to capture traffic data) along with  UC Berkley and the fusion challenge could be just the beginning of their India GPS story!

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