Nokia Launches Life Tools Service in India


Nokia Launches Life Tools Service in India

Nokia announced Life Tools services in Nov 2008 and the service is now live in Maharashtra (in association with Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board, MSAMB).

Life Tools is a service designed for emerging markets and provides range of services on agriculture, education and entertainment services.

Nokia Life Tools - Services Offered

Details of services:

  • Nokia Life Tools Agriculture services provides information on seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, market prices, and weather (temperature, rainfall, wind conditions) via their mobile phones.
  • Nokia Life Tools Education services aim to provide career and education services, including English language learning, General Knowledge, Exam preparations and results, as well as career information and tips.
  • Nokia Life Tools Entertainment services also has fun features, including astrology, news, ringtones and more.

Nokia Life Tools Agriculture services:

The Nokia Life Tools Agriculture service offers consumers a choice of 2 plans. The basic plan, available across India at Rs 30/month, provides daily weather updates and relevant agriculture-related news, advice and tips. The premium plan, at Rs 60/month, will be available in 10 states, including Maharashtra, and provides the closest market prices for three crops chosen by the subscriber, as well as weather, news, advice and tips.

Nokia Life Tools Education services

The Nokia Life Tools Education service, available throughout India, offers three components: Learn English, with basic, intermediate and advanced levels; Exam preparation, which offers students tips and advice for ICSE, CBSE and State Board-level exams mapped to the relevant curriculum; and General Knowledge, which gives subscribers useful information about the world around them. Each of the Education services will be offered at Rs 30/month.

Nokia Life Tools Entertainment services

The Nokia Life Tools Entertainment service at launch will include Astrology, News, Jokes, Cricket and ringtones, offered at existing market prices. The content is aggregated and brought to Life Tools by OnMobile

Nokai Life Tools – Language / Device Supported

Language Supported: Marathi, Gujarati,Punjabi, Bengali,Kannada, Tamil,Malayalam, Telugu,Hindi, English

Devide Supported: The complete Life Tools solution is presently available on Nokia 2323 classic and Nokia 2330 classic model.

The service is hosted by OnMobile and Nokia has collaborated with Reuters Market Light (RML), for agricultural services. Other partners include Syngenta, Madison Research and Skymet (more)

What’s your take on Nokia Life Tools service?

Aside, this is the brand challenge that Nokia will face with N97 launch in India – it’s too utilitarian brand and doesn’t connect to the lifestyle segment.

What’s your take?

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Download Life Tools datasheet (pdf)

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