DailyDose: Nokia Lumia 920 returns from edge of space and works fine!

Daily dose of tech news from around the world. In today’s edition: New record for Blackfriday spending. Psy’s Gangnam style beats Justin Bieber’s baby, courts divided over searchs of sellphones and more.

Daily news roundup.

Psy’s Ganganam Style beats Justin Bieber’s Baby to become most popular YouTube Video every with over 805 million views.

Google Launches Groups Migration API To Help Businesses Move Their Shared Mailboxes To Google Apps

Nokia Lumia 920 returns from the edge of space, works fine: Finnish retailer Verkkokauppa sent the new Nokia Lumia 920 to space on a weather baloon. The phone came back fully functional and intact. Check out the video

More Lumia 920 videos here.

Courts Divided Over Searches of Cellphones: Judges and Lawmakers in the US are debating whether you need a search warrant to look into cellphone data.

Black Friday shopping hits a new record: Total spending over the four-day weekend reached a record $59.1 billion, a 13% increase from $52.4 billion last year.

Black Friday sales online top $1 bln for 1st time-comScore: Online sales jumped at least 22 percent on Black Friday – from sales of $816 million on the same day last year.

Source: IBM

U.S. Said to Waver on Antitrust Case Against Google: Federal Trade Commission officials are unsure they have enough evidence to sue Google successfully under antitrust laws for giving its own services top billing and pushing down the offerings of rivals.

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