Nokia Says It Might Bring Back Phones But Not Before Q4 2016


Nokia Says It Might Bring Back Phones But Not Before Q4 2016

Erstwhile mobile manufacturing giant Nokia marked its exit from the space with the sale of its devices and services business to Microsoft, but recent rumours have pointed that the company is planning a re-entry.


Nokia has finally broken its silence to explain that its return to making mobile devices is a bit more complicated than that and it won’t happen in the near future as suggested.

Along with Nokia’s devices and services arm, Microsoft also took over the company’s manufacturing, marketing and channel distribution capabilities that it required to be in the business of making and selling phones.

The company’s current focus is on network infrastructure, location and mapping and technology licensing. However, if Nokia were to build a phone someday, they’d do it in a completely different way than before.

Brand licensing where a partner is responsible for manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer support is the route Nokia says it will take were it to re-enter the mobile device space.

Design and technology differentiation will be two fields that Nokia will guide this partner if it eventually finds one, similar to its work on the Nokia N1 Tablet.

The company also added that the soonest something like this could happen is Q4 2016 as per the agreement with Microsoft, dispelling rumours that the company is looking to manufacture handsets out of its R&D facility in China.

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