Nokia has partnered with The Peninsula Studios and Universal Music to launch ‘Nokia Music Theatre, a platform for discovering and nurturing musical talent from the grassroots and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Nokia Music Theatre aims to provide a 360-degree support to talented musicians across the country transcending boundaries of languages, genres and musical forms. The project was successfully piloted in Rajasthan in 2010 where 17 artistes were handpicked from small towns and villages across the state. The pilot culminated with the launch of the first music album – ‘Asha – discovery of the Peninsula’ under the banner of Nokia Music Theatre and published by Universal Music. The album will also be available for download on the Nokia Music Store.

The Peninsula Studio is a content creation company and is unique in a way that live performances are recorded in a single take.

Lately, Nokia has showed signs of comeback with the launch of Asha devices and Nokia has grabbed 31% market share in the mobile handset market.


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