Nokia’s N97 Does a Savior with Firmware Upgrade

Nokia N97, one of the big bets of Nokia did ran into a serious trouble (performance issues etc) which questioned Nokia’s ability to build super sexy phones and compete against the likes of iPhone. Nokia has released a firmware upgrade that brings back the faith in N97.

I have been using Nokia N97 for the last few months and while my initial reaction was full of ecstasy (read: N97 review), the phone had serious usability and performance issues.

The good news is that Nokia has not yet given up on N97 (especially after N900) and has released the firmware upgrade 2.0 that brings back one’s faith in Nokia (and their credibility to stand against apple/google competition).

N97 - The Ultimate Touchscreen Phone from Nokia
N97 - The Ultimate Touchscreen Phone from Nokia

One of the big pain points (apart from performance issues) of N97 was the ‘dancing’ screen, an overdose of touch/flip that would prevent you from answering any call (yes! I mean this!). The 134MB 2.0 firmware, which is currently available only via the software updater needs a mention for the simple reason that there is a significant improvement in touch screen usability, screen scrolling (kinetic scrolling).

Other updates include

  • Nokia Email, Ovi Contacts and Ovi Store are all integrated in the core system image.
  • Increased memory and battery performance
  • Improved image and video stability
  • Ovi Maps, Ovi Maps 3.1 which boasts 3 dimensional maps

Overall, Nokia brings back the punch with major (mentioned above) as well as minor updates (for instance, there are few text changes which makes the feature usage more intuitive)

All in all, N97 seems to bring back the Nokia promise. If you are a N97 user, do upgrade to 2.0 firmware (before you give up on the phone and the company).

Note: If you are on Windows7, you should run the Nokia software updater in compatibility mode.

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