N8? N72, X2, C2? Well these are all Nokia phone brand names and here is all you should know about the Nokia product naming convention

There are broadly 4 categories – N, E, X and C.

N stands for the New Technologies, the Ntertainment Series [i.e. N72, N95].
E – Enterprise Series meant for corporate use [like E71, E72]
X – Xpressmusic Series, targets youth and boasts of nifty multimedia features (one-click music/FM etc)
C – Consumer Series, i.e. the affordable ‘cheap’ phones (like C2).

What about the numbers?

The higher the number, the better the model is. The -00 or -01 are indicators that the model is updated or a sister model. So you can think that X2-01 is like X201 and X2-00 is older X200 if it makes it easier to remember [via].

Nokia’s naming convention basically defines the models based on targeted user segment and mashes up the price and supported features. The challenge ofcourse is with the launch of Symbian ^3 devices, it has become difficult to understand this naming convention (example N97 vs. N8?)

What’s your take on Nokia’s naming convention? Will they ever get into i-series? : D