Nokia wants your used Handsets


Nokia wants your used Handsets

Nokia has announced ‘Take Back’ program and is encouraging mobile phone users to dispose their used handsets (any brand) and accessories such as charges and handsets, regardless of the brand, at any of the recycling bins set up across Nokia Priority Dealers and Nokia Care Centers.

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Nokia conducted a survey (across 13 countries) on awareness of recycled handsets and found out that only 17% of Indian users are aware of the fact that handsets can be recycled.

As per Nokia, 100% of the materials in the phones can be recovered and used to make new products or generate energy. Since Nokia is the first company to launch a campaign like this, expect some more action from their competitors (especially Samsung) targeted towards the replacement market.

Handset Replacement Market

Currently, the replacement market in India is ~55% (Delhi ~60%) and by 2010, India’s handset replacement market is expected to reach 70%.

So essentially, there is big money in this market and apart from CSR (Corp. Social Responsibility), companies might want to clear off (exchange/discounts) their inventory using such campaigns.

Just because handsets follow Moore’s law, do you really think that consumers will give away their used phones for free?

What’s your opinion?

How many used handsets do you have? Are you comfortable giving it away for nothing in return?

Qn to Nokia: What about Green Phones?

Nokia’s Remade, a flip phone cell uses recycled cans, plastic bottles, and car tires and up to 60 percent of the metal in its available handsets comes from recycled materials. How about launching something similar for the Indian market (in 2009?)

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