Nokia Testing N1 Tablet In India; Launch Imminent?

Rumours of Nokia possibly releasing its N1 tablet in India soon have emerged as import data aggregator Zauba listed a single unit of the “NOKIA N1PAD R100867” being shipped to Bangalore for testing purposes.

Nokia N1

The N1 marked erstwhile Finnish mobile giant Nokia’s return to manufacturing hardware after it sold its handset division to Microsoft last year. The device built by Foxcon has been launched in China and Taiwan so far.

The listing on Zauba reads “NOKIA N1PAD R100867 FOR TESTING PURPOSE FOR COMPANY INTERNAL USE NOT FOR RESALE”. The sole unit of the device carries a price tag of Rs 44,523.

Nokia N1 Zauba Data

While the device could be launched in India, there’s no hard evidence of that happening because of proof that it is being tested here. Nokia has several offices all over the globe and the N1 could have made its way here for general testing purpose.

The Nokia N1 runs on Google’s opensource Android software and has been lauded for its build quality and specifications. In China, the device sold out within minutes and was launched in Taiwan with Google services onboard.

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