Nokia to Launch Social Texting Service, WeMeet in India [Updated]


Nokia to Launch Social Texting Service, WeMeet in India [Updated]

In India, Nokia is launching We Meet application that enables users to create chat groups and buy/sell products using sms.

We Meet is a location aware application (works with cellid) and the product works with S40 phones as well (SMS based app that works on low-cost devices).

The service is launched by Nokia’s Research Center (not yet a full blown product) and currently, Nokia doesn’t have any tie-ups with operators.
To use We Meet, all you have to do is download and install the Java client on your mobile phone, which can be run on any S40 or S60 phone and get started right away.You can create groups and start adding contacts to the relevant groups. If you are using the Java client,your location information will be broadcasted along with the SMSes.


The software “threads” the messages in chronological order, making it easy to follow the conversation. The effect is something like an instant messaging conversation, but at the fraction of the cost and on devices with no data plans. “We want to bring Internet-type services to people and see how they adopt them – source

We Meet does feel like SMSGupshup or Twitter, but the real differentiation is location awareness of the product which is essentially LBS for the consumer market (i.e. once the product is commercialized and has partnerships with telecom operators)

Nokia is also developing another product called ‘MoMart’ mBazaar, sms based platform that enables buyers/sellers to receive/send product listings based on one’s preference.

Download the We Meet mobile client from here.

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