Nokia – Defining “The Way we live next”

Nokia announced it’s shift from being a pure Mobile company to an Internet services company by launching OVI service a few days back.

But there is more to OVI and a lot was unveiled in Nokia’s recently organized “The way We Live Next” event, where a team of technology experts and visionaries from Nokia presented their visions of what the future might bring in areas such as nanotechnology, mobile banking, new energy sources and web technologies.


Here are a few key insights and innovations/products:

Mobile Banking

3 billion mobile subscribers & 2.5 billion bank cards – Nokia sees a strong convergence of the two and hence, a big opportunity in mobile banking.
Nokia unveiled it’s Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that basically uses short range RFID technology for carrying out transactions. The opportunities are endless – Travel card/Ticketing, Sharing content, Service discovery and Payment and much more!


Widsets is a mobile internet service which allows people to develop/share their fav content with others. Widsets currently haas 3 million registered users and over 2000 widgets.
Essentially, Nokia’s next game is to attract millions of Web developers to create new Web 2.0 services & Web content for mobile using Nokia’s S60 platform.

Other interesting products from the Nokia factory are:

  • Mosh: one-to-many distribution platform – a targeted channel for developers and technology leaders to publish applications and other content, for mobile devices, to a global audience.
  • Point & Find: Simply point your Nokia camera phone at surroundings to access relevant information.
  • Ask your Mobile: Application based on natural language understanding. Ask a question about anything & get an answer.
  • Mobile web server: a phone application to which you can connect over the Internet with any web browser
  • Shoot to Translate: Demonstration software that can translate written characters into another language text. The text is scanned with the camera on the Nokia multimedia computer and the translation is done in real time.

Download the presentations here . Check out Nokia’s newly launched Beta Labs, the playground for new Nokia apps.

Nokia is one giant that amazes me a lot – they have always stayed ahead in the innovation curve; and is one of the few companies that sweetly tells it’s competitors – “Come. Follow us“!

Aren’t you awed by Nokia’s innovation? I am.
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