Nokia X Android phone range launched at MWC2014

The much talked about Nokia Android phone – NokiaX range has been launched at the Mobile World Conference 2014 . Three “affordable” versions Nokia X, X+ and XL of the smartphone have been released.


Some Specs:

The X and X+ versions sport a 4 inch display with the X+ having expandable storage and larger memory. The XL is larger with a 5 inch IPS display. Nokia X is priced at 89 Euros, the X+ at 99 Euros and the larger XL is 109 Euros. Presently this is below the Lumia range, though in the future Lumia range is expected to be cheaper.

The phone is based on a forked version of the Andriod Jelly Bean 4.1.2. The data integration is with the Microsoft services such as OneDrive, Sharepoint and Outlook. The location services are integrated with HERE maps with offline capabilities. The look and feel of the phone retains the Windows Tile format.

Apps strategy: What is means for the users

The primary strategy seems to bring the Windows Phone and Nokia experience with the reach of the Android app ecosystem. Albeit not through the Google Play. For a user the primary sources will be either through Nokia Store, third party app store or sideloaded apps (direct downloads).

Nokia reckons that third party app stores are really popular many of the Android markets such as Yandex in Russia and similar such in China. Hence it would be easy onboarding of these customers into the Nokia-Windows world.

The value proposition by Nokia through its Nokia stores is the “try and buy” approach to app downloads. It believes the adoption rates are much higher in this model. This is a win-win for the developers and the users.

What it means for developers?

Nokia believes that 75% of the apps in the market can be easily on-boarded into the Nokia store without any changes. But the remaining that require location, in-app payments, notifications services have to use the Nokia APIs.

Given Nokia’s growing focus in the lower end range smartphones especially in the emerging markets, it is a big market for the developers to tap into. With the familiar Android ecosystem to develop apps and Nokia’s support in easy on-boarding for developers the market opportunities for developers is bound to increase.

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