Nokia X Launched in India, Priced at Rs 8,599

nokiaXNokia’s new Android devices, Nokia X, is launched in India and will be priced from Rs 8500.

Key Details of Nokia X Launch in India

– Operator Billing: Nearly 70% of the consumers have the option to buy apps using their operator billing on Nokia X.

– MixRadio is available free for life on the Nokia X.

The price of Nokia X in India is quite close to the already popular Lumia 520 handset, which currently retails for around Rs. 8000.

Nokia launched the new Android line as a move to introduce the feature phone user segment to a more feature rich device, but at a lower price point. Once users were used to these devices, it would’ve been easier for them to pivot them onto the pricier Lumia range.

But with Nokia X series, with its lackluster hardware, running the older and slower Android 4.1 OS might not be much of an experience to lookout for. The device will also take away the budget conscious consumers away from the low end Lumia devices like the 520 which have done well in the market since launch.

Also moving to Android might have not been a good idea for Nokia if they were planning to pivot the customers onto the Lumia series, which currently run on Windows OS. Users, once they get comfortable with an OS, would not like to change platforms, especially in the Nokia case where they would have been used to the Android OS and app ecosystem.

Until the Lumia series start coming out in the newer Android variant too, there isn’t much looking good for the Nokia X lineup except for the price point.

Given the price of Nokia X in India, do you really see Nokia X impacting Micromax/Samsung in a big way?

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