Nokia X Promotion is More About Android Than Nokia : Good Or Bad?

Nokia launched its Android device, Nokia X few days back and while the company is definitely going after the mass market which is currently captured by Micromax (plus Indian companies), Samsung Galaxy Duo etc; there is a basic flaw i the way Nokia is marketing Nokia X.

First : How is Nokia Marketing Nokia X

Nokia X : Marketing Promotion
Nokia X : Marketing Promotion

For a layman, Nokia X seems to be all about Android apps. This is quite different from how Nokia has marketed other products – the company mostly takes a feature and spins off a good story around it (great camera phones/ size etc).

Nokia (and Microsoft)’s Biggest Challenge

The biggest challenge for both Nokia and Microsoft is the lack of quality apps in the Windows app store. Even though the two are married, the quality of apps still hasn’t really improved in the last few months (though Microsoft did manage to get popular apps like Instagram into the Windows App store).

Nokia adopting Android is a welcome (and open) move – but Nokia promoting competition’s best asset is definitely not. And that too when the company lacks *that* asset (i.e. apps)!! That is, the gap is widening and Nokia seems to admit and promote that?

Is Nokia shortchanging Nokia X sales with long term sales of Nokia devices (most of which will continue to be Windows Phone with lesser quality and quantity of apps)?

Plus, which device manufacturer these days promotes ‘Android store’? The ones who are running on Android definitely don’t (it’s a given thing). But for Nokia, is this the *only* marketing pitch?

Don’t you think Nokia should have played on its own strength (build quality/brand trust) rather than ride on Android to sell devices?

Where is the *Nokia soul* in Nokia X?

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