Non PC Devices Internet Usage Statistics: Feature Phones Rule Mobile Internet Traffic in India

As more and more non-PC devices are sold everyday, the internet usage by these devices has increased manifold. A recent report even suggests that device users now spend more time on apps than on desktops.

The rise of mobile computing is quite phenomenal and the availability of internet on the go has definitely changed the way mobile devices are used. Newer devices such as smartphones and tablets have taken the internet usage on mobile devices to a new high. What is interesting is the internet usage by device across geographies. A recent press release by comScore, gives us insights in device usage by showing device activity by connection type and device category.

iPad and Other Device Traffic Contribution by Country:


The above chart gives us an idea of the internet usage on non-PC devices across 13 countries covering 5 continents. Most notably the iPad is currently the dominant tablet device across all geographies, contributing more than 89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets.

In India internet traffic is dominated by feature phones. This suggests that India is a huge market for smartphones as well as tablets.

India and U.S. are the only two countries in the study that have a higher share of Android smartphones than iPhones. Low cost and many options may be the cause for this. But the iPad in hugely successful compared to the Android tablet army.

Other devices such as e-readers and gaming systems contribute only a very modest percentage.

Newspaper Content Skews toward Mobile and Tablet Access across Geographies:

In a study, comScore examined traffic patterns to the online newspaper category to understand how much each device type contributes to total category traffic.


Across all countries studied, with the exception of India, the newspaper category was significantly more likely than average to be accessed via non-computer devices.

iOS Outpaces Android in U.S. Mobile Content Access via WiFi:


iOS phones and tablets sourced a significantly higher share of device traffic from WiFi networks than Android devices.

In the smartphone market, 47.5 percent of iPhone traffic occurred over WiFi networks compared to 21.7 percent of Android phones.

With respect to tablets, an overwhelming 91.9 percent of iPad traffic occurred over WiFi networks compared to 65.2 percent among Android tablets.

You can find the press release here.

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