Not easy to do business if you are not the best

Third-party sellers who sell on Amazon’s Marketplace are constantly under threat.

Even though Amazon makes a fortune from independent merchants who sell on its platform, it doesn’t seem to hesitate to compete with them directly if given the opportunity. Some get crushed when Amazon decides to launch a category similar to their best-selling product.

Others get caught when merchants do anything it takes to compete with each other—sometimes ethically and sometimes not. For many, selling on Amazon means competing not only with more than 2 million third-party merchants but also with an endless array of look-alike Amazon-created products.

Amazon shoots first and asks later when it comes to doing business with third-party sellers. If Amazon ever gets a complaint about a seller dealing in counterfeit goods, shipping wrong or dangerous products, or running fake reviews—whether it’s true or not—you can expect the retailer to first get suspended.

Because of Amazon, the vendor is guilty until it’s proven innocent.

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