Notion Ink raises fund, product is ‘on track’

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Notion Ink raises fund, product is ‘on track’

Notion Ink, touted as an ‘Apple iPad killer’ has announced raising investments and the product, Adam Tablet is on track and will be launched in 2 variants –  cheaper normal LCD version and other dual display PQ version.

The company is banking on the fact that iPad is still not launched in India [though you can buy iPad from India] and that gives a room for launch of a smart tablet.

Think it like this, iPad is still not launched in India, so would we say it has not launched yet! I know we live in a world which is not any more called Post-Cold war era, but a Globalized world, but still you can’t find one company which can launch its product in all the countries at the same time! Or at least we can’t. And if something breaks down, who are you going to call? (And there are more reasons why it is not possible).

So you can be assured of a good support from Notion Ink when they launch?

It doesn’t come out clearly from the blog post whether the product will be launched before November (scheduled) or even before that.

Android based NotionInk Smart Tablet
NotionInk Smart Tablet

The emotional blog post, (written in a jiffy?) has an interesting mind blowing calculation (highlighted):

Think about it, if we are doing well, we are talking about at least a business of 100k devices a month. That will amount to at least $350 million dollar of revenues in the first year itself! Where is that investment going to come from? I know most of you know about how these transactions happen on the global scale, that there are bank guarantees, payment cycles etc. but that’s not applicable in the case of a start-up, or is it?

We eagerly look forward to the launch of Adam and do wish the team a great luck!

Quick note to the team – do you really need those Google adsense in the blog post? I mean, you are playing at a much bigger platform than monetizing the once-in-a-while-updated blogs via these ads.

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