Notion Ink Launches imShakti Emergency App, The Smartest Implementation So Far

Notion Ink has launched a safety app imShakti which assists users in emergency situations. The application once installed can be utilised in emergency situations. On pressing the Power button 5 times in quick succession within 2 seconds, imShakti will send users’ location as default message to their listed emergency contact at that time and convey that the user is in need.


All you have to do is set a/some emergency contact/s and your phone will send them an Emergency Text Message (SMS) with a preset message. If your phone can find your approximate location, it will be included as part of the Emergency SMS (download link: imShakti app)

If your location cannot be found, the Emergency SMS will be sent without your location and the phone will continuously search for your location. When it does find your location, another SMS will be sent with your location details.

How does imShakti App Work

On opening the application, users can customize their Emergency SMS. This feature assists in case users are not in a hurry or have no access to the internet, as they can quickly type in the location. The SMS is built by simple check boxes enabling the user to add customized texts (like “Don’t call back, not safe; Pick me up, will wait here; I’m very low on battery”).

Important to note that your location will always be a part of your Emergency SMS, whether or not your GPS or Internet is on. 

  • If neither are turned on, the Emergency SMS will include your approximate latitude and longitude from your mobile operator network.
  • If your GPS is on while your Internet is turned off, your latitude and longitude will be more refined.
  • If your Internet is on, the latitude and longitude from your mobile operator network or from the GPS is translated into a street address.

What if you are running low on battery and ..

In cases where you are running low on battery, there is an option to turn off all your connectivity services, dim your screen and kill all running applications in case you’re critically low on battery and need to conserve your charge.

There is also another option that enables you to put your phone in a state of complete silence.


The app is a self-sustaining app and requires no server connectivity. Notion Ink takes no backup of the data ensuring your privacy.

Of all the apps we have profiled so far (read : Five emergency apps that will help you in trouble), imShakti takes a different approach to an emergency situation, owing to using the simplest of the action to gauge an emergency situation – i.e. power on/off button.

We are using the Screen On/Off intents which are sent when you press the Power button, to count the number of times it is pressed. What this means is that anything which turns the screen on and off (like a Phone call), has the potential to trigger the SMS sending.

Do install the app and give it a spin!