Notion Ink has launched Cain, a 2-in-1 Windows based Ultra-book that transforms into a tablet.  Cain runs a Desktop OS, on a Desktop CPU, consumes less power than a tablet, and is designed like an ultra-book.

And importantly, price of Cain in India is just Rs. 19,900 and will be sold exclusively through Snapdeal.

CAIN : Neatly Designed Ultrabook / Tablet
CAIN : Neatly Designed Ultrabook / Tablet

Cain is bundled with a detachable magnetic keyboard cover and a wireless mouse.

Cain Specs 

  • The Notion Ink Cain has Windows 8.1 installed Office 365 Personal 1-year subscription (which runs On Device and Online), Outlook, OneDrive, Skype, Integrated Bing Search and tons of other apps.
  • Specs: 10.1 inch IPS 1280×800 Display, Intel® Quad Core 1.83GHz (Burst Frequency), 2GB DDR3L RAM, 32 GB Storage space, FULL USB 3.0 Port, Expandable 3G Ultrastick Slot, Expandable MicroSD card slot, Mini HDMI Port, Micro USB OTG Port and more.

This is a very interesting move for a company which was trying hard to disrupt Android tablet space over the last few years.