Almost Famous To Being Written Off : Notion Ink, A Comeback Story

Take a look at the chart below and guess what it is
There are very few entrepreneurs who get to see what Notion Ink founder, Rohan Shravan has seen in the last few years.
The above chart is of number of employees Notion Ink had during its journey.

  1. Till June 2009: 1
  2. December 2010: 45
  3. December 2011: 135
  4. July 2012: 60
  5. July 2013: 20
  6. April 2014: 9
  7. November 2014: 40

Some of the key interesting tidbits from NotionInk story (so far)
– They were blocked by ICICI and RBI after their sales on day one.
– Rohan’s love for music surely took him places. And yeah, he wanted to be a monk !
Watch Rohan Shravan, UnPluggd.

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  1. “Eve and can fly and sit on the charger”.
    “RAW secret agents work with startups …”.
    Hmm… You can’t make this shit up. This is comedy gold !!!!!

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