Now book hotel rooms on an hourly basis across 22 cities

On business trips or personal ones, hotel bookings sometimes seem like a waste of money if you only actually need the room just for a couple of hours. To fix this, Bag2Bag, a Bangalore based startup, has set itself up as a platform for travelers and shelter seekers to book hotel rooms based on the number of hours they would be using them for. One can see this as being quite useful to people waiting for delayed flights or those on business trips that last less than a day. There are a number of platforms that are offering a similar service and it will be interesting to if any niche space players emerge dominant or whether they will be feature-absorbed by traditional big players.


Bag2Bag Provides Mini-stay at luxurious hotels with best and affordable price. We are one stop solution for making your stay ‘Smart’ and ‘Innovative by providing Mini-stay services in luxurious hotels by hours with best and affordable price so Stay-Short & Save-Better.



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