Now You Can Watch DD Channels On Smartphones Without Internet Connection

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Now You Can Watch DD Channels On Smartphones Without Internet Connection

India’s Public service broadcaster, Doordarshan, has launched a new service where viewers can watch any DD channel on their smartphone without internet.

The viewer interested in DD services will have to incur the charges of buying a dongle and no additional charges for internet would be required.

The Technology Part:

Mobile TV signals can be received using DVB-T2 Dongles in ‘On The Go’(OTG) enabled smartphones and tablets, WI-Fi dongles, besides integrated digital TV. The DVB T2 Transmitter has high data capacity (upto 40 Mbps).

The DVB T2 Transmitters are equipped for Fixed, Portable and Mobile equipments. The mobile should be with USB host function or OTG enabled Android Phone. Any such mobile is capable to transfer data to devices like Pendrive etc. It is always described in mobile specifications. Some examples of such mobile includes: Micromax Q380, Oppo Joy 3 A11W, Intex Power HD, Lava iris X8, Samsung DUOS etc. DVB-T2 Dongles will be required for attachment to such mobile. Some Wi-Fi Dongles with antenna are also available in market. If such wi-fi dongle with antenna is plugged on power and placed near to window, the signal may be received in mobile/tablet within 20 m from it.

Comments (7)

  1. Jijo Mathew

    wow……its nice… will change the new latest tech….


    I live in Russia, here we get 22channels free on DVB T2

  3. Sanjay Chaturvedi

    How and where can I get this?

  4. Wow is this really work out? I want to try this. Thanks.

  5. Ady

    It’s not going to offer age old channels… The list has got bigger say 400 channels.

  6. Om

    Its not for watching saas bahu stories…. You can keep an eye on govt activities byvthis channel. Secondly, may be in future you are offerred your fvt channels showing untrusted relations and methods of dishonesty…..

  7. Ha Ha lol , what i can watch on DD National .Are you talking about Saas bahu serials.

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