Now that's a scoop. Ben and Jerry's ice-cream in Blockchain flavour

When an ice cream company goes on to try a carbon-credit system using blockchain tokens, it does make the hot ledger-technology a tad more cool than yesterday.
The company is aiming to wipe off the need of carbon-credit models available easily to big businesses by attaching carbon-credits into every scoop of ice cream purchased. It would be a penny per cone for emissions-offset. IBM (what it is trying in China) and Poseidon are doing something new by whipping in climate-action and blockchain.
Unless these attempts go beyond a token-value (metaphorically too), it won’t save glaciers from melting. For people to take advantage of this technology for selling surplus energy or credits in a direct, non-third-party-controlled market; there has to be that surplus first and that many offsets around.
Until they count, though, trying does.

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