Nudge Foundation to Invest Rs 50 Cr via Incubator For Non-profit Startups

Nudge Foundation, the Bangalore-based non-profit focused on poverty alleviation announced has launched N/Core, an incubator for non-profit startups, which will work on poverty-related issues. Nudge intends to invest over Rs 50 crore to incubate and support over 100 non-profit startups over the next five years.
The incubator will select nonprofits that are up to 3 years old and working in areas including education, healthcare, finance, agriculture, water, sanitation, energy, gender equality, human rights and disaster management.
Nudge will provide the startups with seed grants, co-working space, guidance, and mentorship. It has set up a group of more than 100 mentors for the incubation programme, including Anantha Padmanabhan, chief executive of Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives, Mekin Maheshwari, former chief people officer of Flipkart and Alok Goel, partner at venture capital firm Saif Partners.

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