NudgeSpot Pivots; Launches Amazingly Simple Platform to Trigger Messages

Bangalore based NudgeSpot has just launched a new product which helps businesses trigger emails easily.

Bangalore based NudgeSpot which built a product that helps e-commerce companies improve conversion rates is pivoting. The company has just launched a new product which helps businesses trigger emails and messages easily.

It’s an easy to configure system which doesn’t need any coding effort from users. It lets you create rules and send messages to your customers based on outcomes. You can change when to send the emails on the fly.

NudgeSpot Email


These messages aren’t limited to e-mails. The company offers in-app notifications and are also planning to launch SMS & push notifications soon. There’s also a neat dashboard that offers you analytics.

NudgeSpot is easy to integrate through a Javascript or RESTful API.

Transactional e-mail is quite a competitive space with folks like SendGrid, Mandrill and PostageApp owning a large chunk of the market.  And then there is the Amazon SES. They provide the infrastructure as a service. NudgeSpot is more like Intercom, which lets you communicate automatically with your customers based on certain triggers.

Where NudgeSpot Makes a Difference

Suresh Harikrishnan, the co-founder of NudgeSpot tells me that the ease with which e-mails can be configured is its advantage. On the NudgeSpot platform, a user can setup rules and send e-mails & SMS that are triggered based on an event. For instance, if a person books a cab, the taxi company can send them an automatic text message after half an hour to check if the driver has called the customer.

The good part is that unlike in other such systems, the messages and rules can be changed with no coding from the NudgeSpot platform. “We just need an event notification to be passed to our system and the pre-configured e-mail gets sent,” he said.

This is particularly useful for people who don’t want to dabble in code each time they want to change their e-mail, trigger events or messages. For instance, the marketing team can configure and send a promotional offer out to a customer who has been booking a taxi every week and hasn’t done so this week using rules on the NudgeSpot platform.

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