A look at Nukkad, an interesting perspective on hyperlocal chatter

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A look at Nukkad, an interesting perspective on hyperlocal chatter

Alright, so you enter this branded store and you see a ‘Buy 2, Get 2’ offer on jeans. At max, you want to buy 2 pair of jeans, so you probably need to ask somebody else in the store to partner with you. Will you go ahead and make the announcement? Actually no.

What you need is a platform to express the intent and have others join you for the same – i.e. app that builds a dynamic-interest based connection keeping location as the core point.

Nukkad is a socio-dynamic-interest based location specific data generation application on Android. The Android app shows live and dynamic data to consumers at their location. The app also allow users to check out products /deals generated by stores around consumers.

Also, one can check out the tweets and instagram feeds generated in the location and also chat with people around them (using Facebook identity).

A SoLoMo app, Nukkad helps you explore the people/buzz around, chat with others and helps one find out latest discounts/deals.

Given that there are quite a few apps in location based deal space, Nukkad’s focus is around live chat/data around businesses/local merchants and importantly, create a chatter around these businesses’ offering.

Does that work for retailers? Well, as long as they can create a buzz for retailers and help them control marketing budget.

Do give Nukkad app a spin and share your comments. It definitely is a nice attempt to revisit hyperlocal chatter.

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