Numbby Wants to Be the Wikipedia of Numbers and Data

A data-sharing website called Numbby offers a way to find data, statistics and percentages all in one place.

Did you know that Egypt’s population 81 million? That 41% of LinkedIn’s unique visits in in Q3 2013 came from mobile? Or that the life expectancy at birth in China is 75 years? If you need this kind of data for a project being done there are usually three ways of doing it. You could either Google it, go to the official website and hunt for information, or try your luck contacting companies themselves.

A data-sharing website called Numbby is now offering a fourth way to find data, statistics and percentages all in one place.


“We believe that by nature all of us prefer to see information in numbers and one of our main goals is to make it easy for anyone to find data/answers quickly and avoid hours of valuable time spent on the web searching for a specific number, percentage, data or statistic,” says Mauricio Rubio, co-founder of Numbby.

Numbby currently has more than a 1000 active users.

How Does Numbby Work?

It’s easy to find data on Numbby. Users can either pick from various categories, ranging from art, business, news to health, history, technology and others. Alternatively, users can just key in information required to get all the numbers related to it.

Numbby relies on its users to help source data. Users can submit data using the ‘Post Your Numbby’ form. Users,

  • Enter the number

  • Title of the number or numbby in 80 characters

  • Write a detailed note about

  • Link to the original source

  • Choose to add images

  • Give locations

Each Numbby users add also reflect on their profile. User profiles display the number of numbbies posted, and what they are. In addition to this there is also a comments and likes section.

Target Audience

“Numbby, enables people to share knowledge and information with numbers while engaging them in a sharing network that answers all your questions with numbers,” says Mauricio.

Numbby is targeted at professionals, educators, bloggers, consultants, startups, businesses and non-profits.

What’s Works for Numbby

Tonnes of data presented with great design, which users will have no problem reading just for fun

  • Likes and comments section on users’ profile, to flag down or up when a user’s numbby is wrong

What We’d Like to See in Numbby

A system to authenticate the data being provided. While Numbby does provide for a ‘source’ column, it is up to the users discretion to discover how true the source of the data is. For stats like population, Numbby could probably have a country-wise list of official Government sources to take data from.

  • A share via widget

  • Improve search functionality. While some searches yielded information, some threw up completely unrelated information

  • Show the percentage of how true or untrue a numbby is based on user votes (also make this reflect on users’ profiles)

Numbby was started in 2013, is based out of Miami, is bootstrapped and currently looking for seed funding.

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