India Number 2 Nation for Facebook – 46 million active users per month

India has dethroned Indonesia from the number 2 slot on Facebook and India had 46 million monthly active users (MAUs) on the site, an increase of 132% from the prior year. While there is a reason to rejoice here, keep in mind that there is a good percentage of fake ‘social media’ accounts on Facebook (the number is much higher than any other social networking site).

Leaving the fake profile part aside, the biggest gain in the last 3 months was recorded by the age group of 18 – 24.

– Of the total Facebook users in India, 73% users are male and 27% female users.

– In terms of geography, Mumbai leads the race followed by Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.[source]


Facebook Vs. Orkut in India

Facebook ‘still’ considers Orkut a competition (IPO filing), but if you look at the traffic, you will find Facebook to be too nice to Orkut.


Is Facebook’s number of users a representation of India’s active Internet population?

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