Data: 27 million smartphone users in Urban India

A question which lot of mobile entrepreneurs often ask is the total number of smartphone users in the country and how does it compare to the overall telecom subscription number.

A survey by Neilsen and Informate throws a few interesting perspective:

– There are 27 Million Smartphone users in Urban India 1 Lakh+ towns.

– 22 Million Social Networking and 16 Million Streaming Video users on the smartphone.

– Nearly 1 in 5 SEC A mobile phone users in Urban India has a smartphone (18%)

– The 18-24 age group has the highest incidence of smartphone ownership (13%).


Smartphone Usage (projected)

  • 22 million use their smart phones for social networking;
  • 24 million use it for running online searches. 19 million smartphone users are chatting and using webmail.
  • 16 million users view streaming video, and use smartphones for maps and navigation.
  • 8 million smart phone users use it for banking & finance, travel, shopping and accessing other web portals


As far as sampling is concerned, the above data is a result of survey that covered 10,464 respondents all over Urban India – so the’s word of caution applies (read: Why and How to read survey reports).

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