Parenting Startup Nurturey Raises $125k in Equity Crowd-Funding

nurtureyNurturey, an online platform offering digital tools to parents for effectively managing their lives around kids, has raised $125K through equity crowd-funding’platform in UK from 118 investors based across 12 countries of European Union. is using this money to expand its user base and for product development to build a much more user friendly and intuitive website.

“It was our conscious strategy to raise seed funding from crowdfunding, as many of the investors are parents themselves and their financial backing provides the concept a huge vote of confidence. In fact, one of the investors called me to say that he just had a baby and is investing because he needs this platform.” – Mr. Tushar Srivastava, CEO and founder.

Nurturey offers a range of productivity tools that improve parents’ efficiency and effectiveness in managing information, resources, activities, memories – basically their lives around kids – in one place. Parents can activate tools as per their multi-dimensional and ever-changing needs throughout their parental journey.

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