OCMS.in – India’s first school of online journalism

OCMS (Online Centre for Media Studies) is India’s first online school of journalism and is targeted at tech writers and entry-level journalists.

How does OCMS work?
You can enroll in any of the courses, take the online assignments and the same will be reviewed by OCMS faculty. The course costs 15K per course.

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Here is a quick QnA with Sunil Saxena, Dean and Founder of OCMS

[Ashish] You have mentioned in your site that entry level journalists can learn from the seasoned ones. How does this interaction happen?
[Sunil] The website has an online classroom where a student can access lessons as text and as podcasts. Each lesson ends with a practical assignment. The student is required to finish the assignment in the stated time, very much as he would do in a classroom. A Faculty member then goes through the assignment, which is e-mailed, corrects it, and e-mails it back to the student.
The student can come on chat, discussion forum, Skype to clear doubts. It is like one-to-one interaction. There is a snap quiz to check the student’s understanding, and three exams – one at the end of every four weeks. The student is assigned marks that he can see. This helps him
monitor his progress.

[Ashish] Do higher rated authors get a chance to work for media agencies/newspapers?
[Sunil] No. OCMS is not a placement agency. But we hope that the industry will develop respect for the abilities of our students once they pass out, and start working. We see it as a long haul to build our name.
But the best students will be provided writing contracts that OCMS will bid for at international auction sites. This will help students to earn some money while they look for jobs.

If you are aspiring to be a journalist/tech writer, give OCSM a spin and do share your comments.
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