Octathorpe Secures Funding From The Chennai Angels

Company Name : Octathorpe Web-Consultants
Funding Amount :
Investor(s) The Chennai Angels . .
Funding Round : Not Disclosed

The Chennai Angels has announced an investment in Hyderabad based Octathorpe Web-Consultants, the promoter of the Cricket Management Game, Hitwicket. The amount of the investment has not been disclosed.

Octathorpe is generating funds through app purchases and the product is available across 77 countries.

“We designed the Hitwicket Gameplay as an amalgamation of Poker, Monopoly and Chess, games whose appeal spans generations. By packaging complex B-School jargon like Economics and Competitive Strategy into a Fun experience, Hitwicket has plenty of avenues for learning for its users too. With continuous updates and community engagement, our aim is to keep the users hooked over months and years instead of days like most other games,” said Kashyap Reddy of Octathorpe Web-Consultants.

Octathorpe Web-Consultants was founded by alumni of VIT University in 2010. The company started-off as a web services company and hit upon the idea of a Cricket Management game.

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