What’s Launching on October 22nd?

This October 22nd, expect big launches (and parties). Here is a list of most awaited/hyped products that will be launched on October 22nd.

Windows 7

The much awaited OS from Microsoft is set to launch on October 22nd. Steve Ballmer will unveil Windows7 in NY (he also launched Vista :).

Nokia 3G Booklet

Nokia is launching it’s ambitious Netbook – the 3G Booklet on October 22nd. In partnership with AT&T, the booklet is priced at $299.99 (2 year data plan), though one can buy sans contract for $599.

The Nokia 3G Booklet promises 12 hour battery (yes! 12 hours), runs on Windows7 and is integrated with OVI services.

Watch this interview for details on Nokia 3G Booklet

Acer’s Aspire 3D Laptop

Acer 3D Laptop Aspire 5738PG
Acer 3D Laptop Aspire 5738PG
The Aspire 5738PG uses combination of software, hardware, coated glass, and polarized glasses to give awesome 3D games and sharp display.
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