October Recap: Articles on Startups/Entrepreneurship/India Business..and more


October Recap: Articles on Startups/Entrepreneurship/India Business..and more

Few selected posts that were published in the month of October:

On Recession & Startups

  • “..when going gets tough, we really really need to focus on execution” – Lalit, Mobisy
  • “..best companies are created in tough times” – Suvir Sujan, Nexus India
  • “There is lesser noise in the market now..” – iTrust Founders on Recession
  • Downturn Survival Tips from Rajesh Jain
  • Economic Downturn and VC’s Perspective (Sanjay Anandaram)
  • Recession and Some Cool Advice
  • What will you pay for?
  • Go Real or Go Home – Sequoia to it’s Portfolio Companies

Startups Profiled

Legal Resources/Misc

Investment Related

Industry Stats

Misc (India Business)

General Tech

  • Indian Rickshaw goes hi-tech
  • TringMe launches Flash based VoiceXML Platform
  • IBM Goes SaaS-Y with Lotus Notes Domino
  • RSS Feed Adoption @ 11%
  • Web2.0 is a Big Myth in Enterprise World – Accenture’s Chief Scientist
  • India 7th Spammiest Country, Russia Tops the Chart
  • Google Knol: The Story so far
  • Guess who is benefiting from the slowdown?
  • How can Small Retailers compete with Biggies? Launch a Chain?


  • Antya nearing Deadpool? Founders move on
  • WorldSpace files for Bankruptcy

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