“Plus, you have to promote our portfolio companies in a subtle way. “

Said one of the well known funds who wanted to invest in NextBigWhat.
Back in 2014-15, we had a great opportunity to raise funding (pre-Series A) at a damn good valuation. But, it came with clauses starting from ‘not doing any negative stories on portfolio companies’ to ‘always supporting their portfolio companies’ to ‘do a bit of negative on competition‘.
Unlike regular product /tech startup, for media businesses – content is the product and more often than not, it is up for sale/influence once you raise money.
Since I never belonged to the media industry, I had a choice. And the choice was to grow slow and importantly, at ‘our own terms and conditions’.

Why am I talking about all this?

Well, the Cobrapost operation pretty much tells you the state of media business (in India) and how media has essentially become a mouthpiece of few voices (government, industrialists).

That is, it becomes a prostitution business (and by saying that, I don’t mean to demean prostitution business – it is far more ethical practice than running a media business).

Do you think startup/tech media is different? No.
Most of the funded media businesses in India* eventually are a mouthpiece of their investors. And investors/business buy either editorial favors or silence.
And it shows up.
There is a difference between selling a product and selling your soul and I refuse to give in to this mindset.
Over the last 2 years, I have literally let the NextBigWhat traffic go down because I am fundamentally not sure that startups at scale are different from the traditional businesses – especially in their impact, their ethics and their day-to-day practice.
And maybe, I am better off not supporting these startups/companies (from outside) or if I do, I better have a skin in the game** (so that I can ask questions/debate with leadership teams at various such junctures).
Which is where I come to the next point – we are expanding our focus on NextBigWhat from

(so far) pure startups to businesses, tech and importantly, culture.

  • Tech that will influence the next generation (esp Blockchain – if there is one phenomena which can decentralize power, it is Blockchain),
  • Culture (for e.g. the dark skinned gods) which raises the level of debate and gives a voice to common men/women who are fighting these odds.

Not as a media, but a curator focused on bringing the most important layer to Internet – RELEVANCE.
As a country (and a global citizen), I believe we are badly polarized/fucked with what media has given us – more paid stories, more negativity and very little to look forward to.
High time somebody brings that change.


Hello World.

NextBigWhat brings you well curated wisdom, news and actionable insights.

In a world where algorithms are deciding what you read (and learn), we bring a holistic view on product and growth – curated by the experts, enabling you to learn from the knowledgable sources and save time in discovering them.