Of party season and the lazy startups in India

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Of party season and the lazy startups in India

It’s party time and I am surprised to see the preparation (or the lack of it) by Indian startups to monetize/benefit from the holiday season.

Except Burrp (which has compiled the list of parties happening in the cities they operate in) and maybe a few others, none of the other startups are doing anything significant.

Nevertheless, here are a few hint to startups:

  • If you are a search engine, how about highlighting the “query one is most likely to use” – e.g. “new year party discotheque” in “Bangalore”?
  • If you are a deal site, show all the “wow” deals happening in the city.
  • If you are a map player (say RouteGuru), highlight the pubs/bars/party places in the city, set them as destination and give the route from source.

Point that I am trying to make is that these are the times when people are searching for tons of things – they want best deals, they wanna party and will appreciate “somebody” collating all info for them. And mind you, they don’t have time to go through several sites – so grab the opportunity to convert those wanderers into loyal visitors!

It’s all about being on the ‘top of mind’ recall and creating goodwill among the user base.

Why are Indian startups not doing anything about it?

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