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So the new kid in your team has cracked his first sale within days of joining and that too from a client you had been chasing for a while. It…

So the new kid in your team has cracked his first sale within days of joining and that too from a client you had been chasing for a while. It gets even hotter when your boss pats his back and tells you, ‘this kid will go places.’ What did he do right in 1 shot that you were getting wrong always with that client?

I like to call it ‘The Connect Network’ – cheesy, but to the point nevertheless.

A lot of times when we go out there to sell, we forget who we are selling to and focus on what we are selling. Each buyer is unique and different and the same sales gyaan may not work all the time. We get so involved in ensuring the buyer knows everything about our product that we don’t realise the tangent we have gone off on which maybe totally alien to him. Do note that here what you are selling could be a product, a service, or even your own personal skill sets.

The buyer on the other hand is looking to fulfill a need which he hopes his suppliers can help with. He is hounded by many and they all claim to give him the best deal. If all the products and prices are the same, which one does he decide to go for? He would typically go for the seller who he can connect with. Connect over here means a common ground where the buyer feels at home. It could be language, hometown, conversation style, alma mater, dressing sense or even slang humour in a formal meeting. The core to address is to not be sure that you are selling it well, but to ensure that he is buying it well enough. A Neo-rich farmer buying a Mercedes may not worry about whether the front seats can remember 5 different height levels but is keen to know how quick it can go or how loud it can rev at. Similarly a budget hotel traveler may not worry about whether the linen is imported satin but is keen to know if the rooms would be cleaned everyday. In both cases, its not about the products not having all the features but about filling the gap the buyer has.

At times it may swing in the other direction where your buyer maybe far more sophisticated or knowledgeable or better equipped about what you are selling than you are. Don’t try to out run him but instead connect with him on a mentor level. Accept what you don’t know and ask him to fill the gaps. You will realize that he is buying your product even without you actually selling it.

Having said that, there will always be situations that are googly and things will not work the way it should but do remember you would then know what not to do at such encounters.

The end game for everyone is to reach their finish line as soon as possible. Learn to Connect and you would have won half the battle even before starting the race.

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[Guest article contributed by Krishna Iyer, Vice President – Media Partnerships at iXiGo. He earlier contributed : Head Cook to Bottle Washer : The Journey from Entrepreneur to Employee ]

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