Of SharkTanks and FAQs for the upcoming #StartupRoots event


Of SharkTanks and FAQs for the upcoming #StartupRoots event

At the upcoming StartupRoots event (scheduled for April 20th), we have an interesting session – i.e. of live-funding. 4 selected startups get to pitch to Rajan Anandan, India’s most active angel investor and Ravi Gururaj, VP (Citrix) and part of Harvard Business Angels. Like we said earlier, the investors are carrying their cheque book and you just need to JUST convince them!
We have been getting a lot of queries regarding the pitch session, so here is a set of FAQs that will help you decide:


Q: I want to pitch to shark tank angels, how do I go ahead? 
A: Fill up the nomination form (link). For the pitch slot, startups will be selected based on several parameters – product concept and execution being the primary one.
Q: Is this only for Bangalore based startups?
A: DEFINITELY NOT! Any startup can apply, as long as you ensure that once selected, you will make it for the event. We already are seeing companies from NCR and Pune applying for the event.
Q: Pitch submission deadline?
A: The last date to apply for the SharkTank pitch is April 18th and we will get back to all the startups by 19th morning (11 AM).

Q: Pitch format?
A: 8 minutes of presentation (avoid live-demo, as we don’t promise a working Internet connectivity at the venue), followed by 7 minutes of QnA.

And general FAQs:

Q: I have not yet started up. Can I still come over?
A: Yes. #startuproots is for people who are running their startup, who plan to startup, those who are working in a startup and in short, those who are connected with the startup space.
Q: I am college student. Can I come over?
A: Yes. Refer to question 1, please.
Q: Will there be a lot of investors/angels?
A: Well, we are getting some of the most active angels for #startuproot! And ofcourse, we expect more to attend.
And hey! There are a lot of entrepreneurs coming over for the event!

Mingle, Connect and grow your network.
Q: Is there a fee to attend the event? 
A: NO! The event is totally free (including snacks/working lunch).

Those who want to attend the event can simply register here:

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