Microsoft Releases Office 2016 For Mac


Microsoft Releases Office 2016 For Mac

Microsoft’s Office 2016 productivity suite for Mac is now out of beta and available to subscribers of Office 365 and students.

Office 2016 For Mac

Non-subscription based users will have to wait until September to receive Office 2016, but the company hasn’t yet set a definitive date for the launch or put a price tag on it.

Office makes a comeback to Mac after five long years even though the Windows version of Office got upgraded in 2013.

The Office 2016 version for Macs looks very similar to the upcoming Windows version with the ribbon layout, title bars and headers that are boldly coloured in each apps respective colour.

Further, Office 2016 borrows a lot of cues from its various mobile versions, making sure that the look and feel of the apps is similar across smartphones, tablets, Windows PCs and Macs.

Office 2016 for Mac features integration with OneDrive, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Further, all Office apps are fully retina aware unlike Office 2011 where certain portions of the UI were not.

The new Mac version is very close to what users will have on a Windows-powered PC, signaling Microsoft’s new product-focused strategy that’s finding love from so many users.


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