We Need This! Panama’s Potholes Tweet To Be Fixed Every Time They’re Run Over

On my commute to work, I encounter at least a dozen potholes that are big enough to be categorised as creators formed by meteorite strikes. I’ve alerted the authorities a countless number of times, but my complaints fall onto deaf ears.

Tweeting Pothole

I’d given up. I almost accepted that the potholes are here to stay, but then I stumbled onto something awesome.

It seems the roads of Panama City share many characteristics with those in India – they’re riddled with potholes. The authorities too share a lot in common – they do almost nothing to ease the pain of commuters.

Why fix the potholes when you can fix the machinery that’s been put in place to fix potholes? That was the aim behind the campaign P4 Ogilvy & Mather came up with force the authorities to take notice of the dismal state of Panama City’s roads.

The agency placed special device in potholes that automatically tweeted nasty messages to the Department of Public Works whenever cars drove over them. And just like that the potholes had a voice.

The campaign was done on behalf of Panama TV which said that potholes were a major concern for its viewers. The best bit? It actually worked because the Tweets caught the attention of the minister of public works who appeared on the TV to address the issue.

Yes, the potholes aren’t fixed yet, which is what the problem was in the first place, but you have to admit the campaign perfectly shows the strength of social media. With Indian authorities and politicians getting more and more active on social platforms, do you think we could pull off something similar back here?

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