Ohana Media Launches OhanaQB, Audience Clustering Technology

Web analytics is boring. Boring because they don’t tell you the user intent, anything more about your audience, other than the standard metrics.

The next wave in online advertising industry is behavioral targeting and the first step to get started with this is understanding one’s audience base.

Hyderabad based Ohana Media has launched OhanaQB, an audience clustering technology that allows online services to capture behavior displayed by its users and classify them into multiple audience clusters based on the behavioral patterns. The platform displays which audience segments and behaviors contribute most to revenue, profitability or even user engagement.

So for instance, if you are running an ecommerce site, you are tracking conversion rate, but OhanaQB will enable you to understand which ‘cluster’ of audience converts better, so that you can act on those users’ intent.

OhanaQB enables this by helping you understand and segment consumer intent data across channels, and lets you use this data to optimize your search campaigns, display media buys and social media activity. In addition, OhanaQB lets you present tailored marketing messages on your own site, based on what you understand about each customer’s intent.. OhanaQB takes several factors into account (user segmentation, engagement, browising partner etc) and assigns them under defined buckets (i.e. clusters) and the service is integrated with RMX (Right Media Exchange), Mailchimp etc.


How Ohana QB adds value to Audience Marketing:

  • Audience Network – QB lets online services to form their Audience Network cloud providing actionable analytics to you.
  • Performance of Behavior Clusters – QB is a self learning platform that captures, looks at audience data segments and informs you on behaviors that show best conversion rates for your audience.
  • Personalized Experience – Every audience cluster can be used in an actionable format – for on-site personalization of user experience or off-site marketing
  • Paid Search / SEM – QB captures on-page and keywords data, links them to conversion events and has ability to recommend keyword recommendations and bid recommendations to further enhance marketing campaigns on paid search
  • Display Marketing – Use advance display marketing techniques to build personalized one-to-one marketing campaigns for every audience cluster across multiple advertising networks and exchanges
  • External Campaign Tracker – Track performance for all your campaigns at one place – for all campaigns even if they are not managed/run through QB
  • SEO – Track keywords that bring you traffic and the revenue/conversions behind each of it. Further keyword data is used to optimize SEM campaigns.
  • Email Marketing – Rather than maintaining a single email list, build small but relevant marketing lists based on user intent. Reach out to only those individuals who are relevant for a particular campaign. QB is currently integrated with MailChimp

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