TaxiForSure And Ola Integration Starts to Happen [And Uber Trolls]

Users of Ola can now book TaxiForSure cabs directly from within the Ola app.

‘TFS Hatchback’ will appear as a new category on the Ola app, allowing customers to book them the same way they book any other cab through the app.

TFS through Ola

The feature will go live for users in Delhi and Mumbai at first, followed by its roll out in other cities over the next few weeks.

The integration will mean Ola customers will have access to more cabs from TFS, in effect helping cut down waiting periods and reduce non-availability.

All TFS rides booked through the Ola app will have to be paid for in cash only and standard TaxiForSure fares will be applicable for these rides.

Ola acquired TaxiForSure back in March this year, with the idea that a combined entity would have a better chance of taking on SF-based rival Uber.

Uber Trolls

While both companies maintain that they will continue to function as separate entities, integrations such as these could be the start of a combined taxi aggregator platform.

Bookings through the new integration will be available only for the Ride Now option, and users will be able to share their trip with friends and family for safety reasons as well.

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