Now Order Auto Rickshaw From Ola. Availability Anyone?

This surely explains why Ola dropped Olacabs from its branding

Ola has now added auto rickshaws to its inventory.
This surely explains why Ola dropped Olacabs from its branding (rant : it has anyways become difficult to find cabs in Olacabs). The bigger impact to this new addition of adding auto rickshaws to its inventory is that (hopefully) auto wallas will not look at these companies (Ola/Uber/TaxiforSure etc) as a competition and if Ola plays it right, could result in a win-win situation.
If They Play It Right..
Another startup mGaadi too has been trying the same and while all of this looks good in-paper, the ground execution is far far away from reality. The auto-mafia is difficult to break through and that has stopped some of these companies to even enter some of the hot areas like Whitefield (Bangalore).
It’d be interesting to see how Ola executes this piece – the inventory so far has been a huge mismatch vs. the marketing efforts the companies has put in (including Taxiforsure/Uber).
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